Louis Ferdinand Alfred Mairy, a French author, born in Meaux, March 23,1817. In 1836 he became attached to the royal library, which he quitted in 1838. His bibliographical knowledge caused him to be recalled in 1840, and in 1844 he was elected sub-librarian to the institute. In this office he rendered important ser-vices, and in 1857 he was elected a member of tie academy of inscriptions and belles-lettres. In 1860 he was appointed librarian of the Tui-leries, in 1862 professor of history and moral philosophy in the college de France, and in 1868 director general of the archives. His principal publications are: Essai sur les legended piexses du moyen age (Paris, 1843); Les fees moyen age (18551; Histoire des gr/nules forets de la, France (1856); La terre et l'homme (1856), a summary of recent geographical, ethnological, and philological researches; Histoire de religion de In Grece antique (3 vols., (1857-'60); and Musee d'archives, an account of a collection from the Merovingian period till the first French revolution, with 1,200 fac-Munle autographs by Charles Bethmont.