Louis Nicolas Vauquelin, a French chemist, born in Normandy, May 16, 1763, died Nov. 14, 1829. He was employed by an apothecary in Rouen previous to his removal to Paris in 1781, where he studied pharmacy, and became Fourcroy's assistant. After acting in 1793 as chief pharmaceutist in the military hospital at Melun, he became in 1794 inspector and professor of docimacy in the mining school of Paris, and then assistant professor of chemistry in the polytechnic school. On succeeding Darcet in the chair of chemistry at the college de France, he became director of the new school of pharmacy, and subsequently professor of chemistry in the jardin des plantes, finally succeeding Fourcroy in the same capacity in the faculty of medicine. His discoveries, among which those of chromium and -glucina deserve special notice, have been useful. He published several works on subjects connected with chemistry, and alone and jointly with Fourcroy made more than 200 contributions to periodicals.