Magdalen Islands (Fr. Isles de la Madeleine), a group in the gulf of St. Lawrence, belonging to Gaspe co., Quebec, Canada; aggregate area, 86 1/2 sq. m.; pop. in 1871, 3,172, of whom 2,833 were of French origin or descent. The principal islands are Coffin's (the largest), at the N. E. extremity of the group, 25 m. long and very narrow; Grindstone and Allright, near the centre; and Amherst, at the S. W. extremity, 6 m. long and 3 1/2 m. wide. Gypsum, found on this island, is an important article of export. Though the soil of the islands is fertile and yields good returns, agriculture is neglected, and the fisheries are the chief dependence of the inhabitants. On Amherst island, which has the best harbor, there is a custom house, and on its S. point (lat. 47° 13' N., lon. 61° 58'W.) is a lighthouse, exhibiting a powerful revolving light. About 20 schooners and 250 fishing boats belong to the islands. The value of the fisheries for the year ending June 30, 1872, was $126,541, the chief items of catch being 20,032 quintals of codfish, 1,172 barrels of mackerel, 2,956 of herring, 1,713 seals, 8,040 gallons of seal oil, 9,306 of cod oil, and 2,162 of whale oil.

The value of imports was $10,830; of exports, $20,203; entrances, 25; clearances, 21. By grant from the British crown, the Magdalen islands are the property of a private individual.