Malintzin, Or Mallnche Marina, an Indian woman who rendered efficient aid in the conquest of Mexico. She was a native of the province of Guazacoalcos, and of noble blood, though sold as a slave in her childhood to the Maya Indians of the frontier of Yucatan. Being thus familiar with the two principal languages of Mexico, she was presented to Cortes in Tabasco by a native chief, and, quickly acquiring Spanish, made herself indispensable to the conquerors as an interpreter. She was much beloved by the Mexicans, and exerted a great influence in restraining the barbarities against her countrymen which were hut too common. Cortes made her his mistress, and by him she had a son, Don Martin Cortes, who figured in the political history of the colony. After the marriage of Cortes, she became the wife of the comendador Juan de Jaramillo, and survived till after the year 1550, living chiefly at Jalpan on the isthmus of Tehuantepec, where a mound is still shown as her burial place.