Marie Nicolas Bouillet, a French metaphysician and encyclopaedist, born in Paris, May 5, 1798, died there, Dec. 28, 1864. He was for 20 years professor of metaphysics and ethics in various colleges, and became honorary councillor of the university in 1850, inspector of the academy of Paris in 1851, and permanent inspector general of public instruction in 1861. He edited the philosophical works of Cicero and Seneca, and the works of Bacon (3 vols., 1834-'5), and prepared the first complete French translation of the Enneads of Plotinus (3 vols., 1857-'61), for which he received a prize of 3,000 francs from the French academy. He contributed to various cyclopaedias, and was the chief editor of the Dictionnaire classique de l'antiquite sacree etprofane (2 vols., 1826), Dictionnaire universel dhistoire et de geographic (1 vol. large 8vo, 1842; 22d ed., 1871), and Dictionnaire universel des sciences, des lettres et des arts (8vo, 1854; 9th ed., 1870). The second of these works was modified in accordance with the requirements of the Roman congregation of the Index.