Mark Catesby, an English artist and naturalist, born about 1680, died in London, Dec. 24, 1749. After studying the natural sciences in London, he went to Virginia, and remained in America seven years, returning to England in 1719 with a rich collection of plants. Encouraged by Sir Hans Sloane and other friends of science to revisit America, he arrived in South Carolina in 1722, explored the lower parts of that state, and afterward lived for some time among the Indians about Fort Moore, 300 m. up Savannah river; after which he continued his researches through Georgia and Florida. After spending three years upon the continent, he visited the Bahama islands, constantly occupied in delineating and collecting botanical and zoological objects. He returned to England in 172»'», and published in numbers his great work on the " Natural History of Carolina, Florida, and the Bahama Islands" (2 vols, fob, 1731-'48; new eds., 1754 and 1771). The figures were etched by himself from his own paintings, and the colored copies were executed under his own inspection.

He was a member of the royal society, and wrote Hortus Europae Americanus (1767), and a paper on "Birds of Passage" in the "Philosophical Transactions."