Matthew Henry, an English Biblical commentator, son of Philip Henry, born at Broad Oak, Flintshire, Oct. 18, 1662, died in Nant-wich, June 22, 1714. He studied law for some time, but preferred the ministry, succeeded as a preacher, and was soon invited to Chester, where, being ordained in 1687, he drew around him a large congregation, to which he ministered for 25 years. During this period he more than once went through the entire Bible in a course of expository lectures, which he continued at Hackney, whither he removed in 1712. He thus gradually completed his celebrated "Exposition" of the Bible. The first collective edition was published in 1710 (5 vols. fob, London), and it has been many times reprinted. Henry's other works include "Life and Death of Rev. Philip Henry" (1C98); "Method of Prayer"(1710); "Treatise on Baptism;" "Communicant's Companion" (1731). A collection of his miscellaneous works, in one volume, appeared in London in 1830. See "Life of Matthew Henry," by W. Tong (1716), and also by Williams prefixed to the "Exposition " (3 vols., London, 1828).