I. Mattbatis

Mattbatis, the elder, a Swiss engraver, born in Basel in 1593, died in Frankfort in 1651. He studied four years in Zurich under Dietrich Meyer, a glass painter and engraver, lived several years in Paris, and afterward in Frankfort. He is best known by views representing the environs of Heidelberg, Stuttgart, and other cities, from his own designs (30 vols., Frankfort, 1640-'88). H. Mattbans, the younger, son of the preceding, born in Basel in 1021, died in Frankfort in 1687. He studied painting under Vandyke, and attained a considerable reputation, especially for his portraits of the emperor Leopold I. and other German princes, painted after the manner of Vandyke. He also executed a "Martyrdom of St. Lawrence" in the cathedral of Bamberg, and other historical pictures, and was an engraver.

III. Maria Sibylla

Maria Sibylla, sister of the preceding, born in Frankfort, April 12, 1647, died in Amsterdam, Jan. 13,1717. She drew from nature flowers, caterpillars, butterflies, and similar objects, which she executed in miniature. In 1665 she was married to Johann Andreas Graff, with whom she took up her residence in Nuremberg, retaining her own name. A work on caterpillars, illustrated from her designs, was published in Dutch (2 vols. 4to, Nuremberg, 1679-'83). A Latin translation appeared in Amsterdam in 1717, and in 1730 an enlarged edition was published there in French under the title of Histoire generate cles inserted de VEurope. In 1684 she settled with her husband in Holland, and in 1698 sailed for Surinam, where during a residence of two years she prepared the materials for her Dis-sertatio de Generatione ct Metamorphosihis Inseetorum Surinamensium (Amsterdam, 1705), of which a new edition was published soon after her death under the supervision of her daughters. Her two works were republished together in 1768-'71 under the title of Ilistoire des inserted de VEurope et de VAmerique (fol., Paris). Two volumes of her original drawings are preserved in the British museum.