Mignel De Molinos, a Spanish mystic, born in the diocese of Saragossa in 1627, died in Rome Dec. 29. 1696. He studied at Pamplona and Coimbra, was ordained priest, and in 1669 settled at Rome. In 1075 he published in Spanish a work entitled " The Spiritual Guide," which passed in a few years through 20 edi-tions. Its theories of a religious life, which obtained the name of "quietism," taught that spiritual perfection consisted in the perfect re-pose of all the faculties of the soul in Cod and indifference to all the actions of the body! For those who attained this "fixed" or "continuous" state, there was no sin, and no occasion for anxiety. The "Spiritual Guide" was condemned by Pope Innocent XI. in 1087, and the author, after making a public recantation was committed to prison, where he passed the rest of his life. When his papers were seized, 20,000 letters were found from persons desiring his counsel in spiritual matters His dootnnes were taught, in a form very much modified, by Mme Guyon, and were reechoed faintly Fenelon's - Maxims of the Saints".