Order Of The Thistle (also called the order of St. Andrew), a Scottish order of knighthood, reputed on very insufficient grounds to be of great antiquity. The thistle is mentioned as the national emblem of Scotland in the inventory of the effects of James III., who is thought to have adopted it. It appears on coins of James IV., James V., Mary, and James VI., on the last with the motto Nemo me im-pune lacessit. A collar of thistles appears on the gold bonnet pieces of James V. of 1539, and with the royal ensigns depicted in Sir David Lindsay's armorial register of 1542. But this was a mere device. The order had no distinct existence previous to 1C87, when a warrant for its restitution was issued by James VII. of Scotland and II. of England. It fell into abeyance after the abdication of James, but was restored by Anne in 1703, and is now one of the recognized orders of the British empire. The warrant of 1687 confined the number of knights to 12, besides the sovereign; but since May, 1S27, it has been permanently extended to 16.