Pascagoula, a river of Mississippi, formed by the junction of the Leaf and Chickasahay in Greene co. It flows southerly through Jackson co. into Mississippi sound, through two mouths, its embouchure forming Pascagoula bay. It is navigable for 100 m. or more by small vessels, which export lumber, turpentine, and other products of the pine forests through which it flows. The name is derived from that of the Pasca-ogoulas .(" Bread-eaters ") or Pas-cagoulas, a tribe of Indians formerly inhabiting the vicinity. On the E. mouth of the river is the village of Pascagoula, or East Pascagoula, which has 500 inhabitants and a large hotel, and is much frequented as a summer watering place. There are extensive saw mills in the vicinity. - The embouchure of Pascagoula river is celebrated for the "mysterious music" which may often be heard there on still summer evenings. The listener being on the beach, or, yet more favorably, in a boat floating upon the river, a low, plaintive sound is heard, rising and falling like that of an ^Eolian harp, and seeming to issue from the water. The sounds, which are described as sweet and plaintive, but monotonous, cease as soon as there is any noise or disturbance of the water.

The most plausible conjecture in explanation of its origin is that it is occasioned by some species of shell fish or other marine animal.