Gasconade, an E. county of Missouri, bounded N. by the Missouri river, and intersected by the Gasconade river; area, 540 sq. m.; pop. in 1870, 10,093, of whom 80 were colored. The surface is much broken, but well timbered, and there is good water power. Iron ore is found in abundance, sulphur and saltpetre are obtained, limestone and buhrstone are quarried, and copper has been discovered on Bourbeuse creek.

The Pacific railroad of Missouri passes through the N. part. The chief productions in 1870 were 222,850 bushels of wheat, 260,178 of Indian corn, 163,717 of oats, 31,738 of potatoes, 82,600 lbs. of butter, 128,917 gallons of wine, and 3,264 tons of hay. There were 3,270 horses, 3,311 milch cows, 4,301 other cattle, 8,398 sheep, and 17,057 swine. Capital, Hermann.