The first English Duke was Edward, the Black Prince; he was created Duke of Cornwall by his father, Edward III, in 1337.

The title Marquis was first bestowed by Richard II on his favorite, Robert de Vere, Earl of Oxford, created Marquis of Dublin in 1386.

The Saxon titles of Alderman or Earl and Thane were changed into Earl and Baron by William I. The title of Viscount was long in use in France before it was bestowed on any person in England; the first person who held it was John Beaumont, created Viscount Beaumont and Count of Boulogne in France in 1440.

The order of Baronets was established by James I in 1611 and exists only in British Dominions.

The Saxons in the fifth and sixth centuries founded the Heptarchy, meaning the seven States, though there really were nine; these were all subdued by Egbert, King of Wessex, who, in consequence, took the title of King of England in 827.

The Norman Kings, beginning with William I in 1066, were also Dukes of Normandy.

Henry II, in 1172, styled himself Lord of Ireland, which title Henry VIII changed into King in 1541.