How Appointments are made. - The appointments (except those at large) are made by the Secretary of War or Navy at the request of the Representative in Congress from the District: and the person appointed must be an actual resident of the District from which the appointment is made. Appointments at large are conferred by the President of the United State3.

Manner of Making Applications. - Applications can be made by letter to the Secretary of War or Navy to have the name of the applicant placed upon the register that it may be furnished to the proper Representative or Delegate when a vacancy occurs. The application must exhibit the full name, exact age and permanent abode of the applicant, with the number of the Congressional District in which his residence is situated. Appointments are made one year in advance of the date of admission. Qualifications. - The age for admission of cadets to the Academy vacancies at West Point and Annapolis is between seventeen and twenty-two years. Candidates must be unmarried, at least 5 feet in height, free from any infection or immoral disorder and from any deformity, disease or infirmity which might render them unfit for military or naval service. They must be well versed in reading, writing, orthography, arithmetic, English grammar, descriptive geography (particularly of our own country), and of the history of the United States. Upon receiving his appointment the cadet is ordered to report to the Superintendent of the Academy in time to appear before the Academic Board for examination at its meeting early in June. Upon arrival, he is subjected to a rigid physical examination by a board of experienced surgeons. If he passes this successfully, he is then examined by the Academic Board. These examinations are made promptly after the candidate reports to the Superintendent.