Declaration of pension claimants must be made before any court of record or before some officer thereof having custody of its seal. Printed instructions and forms (for filling in) can be had, free of expense on application by letter to the Commissioner of Pensions at Washington, D. C. In it should beset forth the company and regiment in which the applicant served, the name of the commanding officer of the company or organization and the dates of enlistment and discharge. In navy cases the vessel upon which the claimant served should be stated.

The applicant should state his office addresses accurately and his identity must be shown by the testimony of two credible witnesses, who must appear with him before the officer by whom the declaration may be taken.

The nature of the evidence required to sustain a claim for a pension will be indicated to the claimant upon the filing of the declaration winch should be forwarded to the Commissioner of Pensions, Washington, D. C.