Coffee. An evergreen shrub, growing in Arabia, the island of Java, and the West Indies. It seldom rises mere than 16 or 18 feet high; the flowers are of a pure white, and the berries grow in clusters, resembling cherries. Coffee is an article of but recent introduction It was first publicly sold In England In 1652, by Daniel Edwards, a Turkey merchant, who understood the method of roasting coffee, and making it into a beverage. At Paris coffee was nearly unknown until the arrival of the Turkish Ambassador, Soloman Aga, in 1669 : about three years after which the first coffeehouse is said to have been established in that city.

French Method Of Preparing Coffee

Coffee (French Method Of Preparing). Let your coffee be dry, not in the least mouldy or damaged; divide the quantity that is to be roasted into two parts; roast the first part in a coffee-roaster: the handle must be constantly turning until the coffee becomes of a dry almond colour or bread raspings, and has lost one-eighth of its weight; roast the second part until it becomes the fine brown colour of chesnuts, and has lost one-fifth of its weight; mix the two parts together, and grind them in a coffee mill; do not roast or make your coffee until the day it is wanted. To two ounces of ground coffee put four cups of cold water, then drain off this infusion and put it aside ; put to the coffee which remains in the biggin three cups of boiling water, then drain it off and add it to that which has been put on one side; by this method you obtain three cups more; when your coffee is wanted, heat it quickly in a silver coffeepot, taking care not to let it boil, that the perfume may not be lost by undergoing any evaporation.

To Make With Hot Water Coffee

Coffee (To Make With Hot Water). Instead of pouring cold water upon the coffee, boiling must be used, taking care the froth does not run over, which is to be prevented by pouring the water on the coffee by degrees.

Coffee Milk

Coffee Milk. Boil a dessert-spoonful of coffee in nearly a pint of milk a quarter of an hour, then put in a little isinglass and clear it, and let it boil a few minutes, and set it on the fire to grow fine.