Glue That Will Resist Moisture. Dissolve gum sandarae and mastic, of each two ounces, in a pint of spirit of wine, adding about an ounce of clear turpentine. Then take equal parts of isinglass and parchment glue, and having beaten the isinglass into small bits, and reduced the glue to the same state, pour the solution of the gums upon them, and melt the whole in a vessel well covered, avoiding so great a heat as that of boiling water. When melted,

6* strain the glue through a coarse linen cloth, and then put it again over the fire, add about an ounce of powdered glass. This preparation may be best managed by hang-el in boiling water, which will prevent the matter burning to the or the spirit of wine taking fire; and, indeed, it is better to use the same method for all the evaporations of nicer glues and sizes; but, in that case, less water than the proportion directed should be added to the materials.