Silk-Worms' Eggs. Place the eggs in drawers made of wood, or strong paper; and when the leaves of the mulberry are full-grown, hatch them, either by the heat of the sun, or in a small room where there is a fire. In about six or seven days the silk-worm will issue from the eggs, in the shape of a small black hairy caterpillar. In feeding them, take great care that the mulberry leaves are dry ; for this purpose gather a quantity required for two or three days, if the weather looks showery, and lay them in an earthen vessel in a cool airy place, but not exposed to draught. Keep everything about silk-worms as clean as possible, and remove all extraneous substances. "When the silk-worm refuses its food, and makes silky traces on the leaves, pin together papers in the shape of inverted cones, open at the top, and fix them against the wall. Place a worm in each, and leave them to spin.