Rice-Paper (To Model In) Rice-paper is principally applied to the formation of groups of flowers, either on cardboard, or affixed to small vases, baskets, etc, in festoons and clusters. The rice-paper may be procured in various colours, and intermediate tints may be made by colouring the white. Several pieces of rice-paper are laid on each other upon a tablet of lead, and the leaves and component parts of flowers are cut out with small steel punches, which may be procured in every- variety of form at the fancy-tool warehouses. A sufficient quantity of the different leaves having been thus formed, and placed on separate trays, each leaf is to be held by a delicate pair of tweezers, and its end affixed, with stiff gum water, to the article requiring ornament. Thus, the heads of roses and thick clusters of flowers are formed, and tine delicate parts may be drawn in colours afterwards. Water-colour drawings are frequently made on leaves of rice-paper, for scrap-books, screens, etc. The effect of the colours, if properly managed, on this material, is very soft and delicate.