Plaster Casts. Take some fine wax, and melt carefully in a covered pot. Next dry your cast in an oven, or on the hob; then take the wax, and drop it with a camel's-hair pencil on the heated cast, until it will absorb no more. This will give it the appearance of alabaster or ivory, especially if you carefully burnish it with a piece of leather. We have seen some beautiful plaster heads which, eighteen years ago, were prepared according to the following directions. They were mounted on a black satin cushion, framed and glazed; and hung as ornaments in the drawing-room, deceiving the most curious eye. Break the edge off a plaster of Paris head [medallion], as near as you can without damaging the subject. Lay it in a soup plate, well covered with the very best sperm oil, for twelve hours. Take it out and lay it in the sun till quite dry. The drying will require about two days. Then, with a pen-knife, cut it round till the face only remains. Polish it with a cold, clean hand. This must be well done, but not till quite dry.