Food In Season. January. Meats. - Beef', mutton, veal, pork, house-lamb. Poultry. - Pheasants, partridges, hares, rabbits, woodcocks, snipes, turkeys, pullets, capons, fowls, and pigeons. Fish. - Oysters, prawns, crabs, Lobsters, crayfish, whitings, smelts, sturgeon, skate, turbot, plaice, thornback, flounders, perch, tench, and carp. Vegetable. - Cabbages and sprouts, sorrel, endive, spinach, beet-root, celery, Bcorzaneia, potatoes, parsnips, turnips, broccoli, shalots, lettuces, cresses, salsify, cucumbers, and asparagus; mushrooms all the year. Fruit. - Pears, apples, nuts, grapes, medlars, and walnuts.

February and March. All meats and game as in the former month, with the addition of chickens and ducklings. Fish. - Exactly as last month, excepting cod, which is not supposed to be quite so good up to July. Vegetables. - Just the same as the previous month, only now you have kidney beans. Fruits. - Apples and pears, and forced strawberries.

April, May, and June. Meats. - Beef, mutton, veal, lamb, and in June venison. Poultry. - Pullets, fowls, chickens, duck-lings, pigeons, rabbits, and leverets. Vegetables as before, only in May early potatoes, peas, radishes, French beans, early cabbages, carrots and turnips, cauliflowers, asparagus, artichokes, and all kinds of salad, but this is forced. Fruits. - In June, strawberries, cherries, melons, green apricots, currants, and gooseberries for tarts only. Fish. - Carp, soles, tench, smelts, eels, trout, turbot lobsters, chub, salmon, herrings, crayfish, mackerel, crabs, prawns, and shrimps.

July, August, and September. Meats. - These are not different from the former months, except pork, which commences in September. Poultry. - Pullets, fowls, chickens, and rabbits, pigeons and green geese, leverets, turkeys, poults, the two former months; wheat-ears and geese in September. Fish. - Cod, haddocks, flounders, skate, thornback, mullet, pike and carp, eels and shell-fish, but no oysters; mackerel in July, it is not so good in August. Vegetables. - As all the previous months; peas and beans. Fruits. - July, strawberries, gooseberries, pine-apples, plums of all kinds, cherries, apricots, raspberries, melons, damsons, white and red currants, pears, apples, grapes, nectarines and peaches. In August and September, peaches, plums, filberts, figs, mulberries,cherries, apples and pear3, nectarines, grapes,pines and melous,strawberries. OCTOBER. Meat do not differ; this is the season for good doe venison. Poultry and Game. - Fowls of all kinds as the former quarter, pheasants from the 1st October, partridges, larks, hares, wild ducks late in the month, teal, snipes, widgeon,andgrouso. Fish. - Dories, smelts, pike, perch, halibuts, brills, carp, salmon, trout, barbel, gudgeon, tench, all shell-fish. Vegetables are now as in January month, fruit - Peaches, pears, figs, bullaces, grapes, apples, medlars, damsons, filberts, walnuts, nuts, quinces.

November. Meats. Beef, mutton, veal, pork, house-lamb, doe venison. - Poultry, Game, Fish, Vegetables, and Fruits. - As the last month.

December. Meats as the former month. Poultry. - Geese, turkeys, pullets, pigeons, capons, fowls, rabbits, bares, snipes, woodcocks, larks, pheasants, sea-fowls, Guinea fowls, wild ducks, teal, widgeon, grouse, and dunbirds. Vegetables- As in the la?t month. Fish. - Turbot, gurnets, soles, sturgeon, carp, gudgeon, eels, codlings, dories, and shell-fish of all kinds. [It is only a Fact to say that we are indebted for this information to " Inquire Within ; or, Over 3,700 Facts for the People."]