First Lesson. The necessary materials for commencing pencil drawing will be a sharp penknite ; three black-lead pencils, marked HB, F, and B; and some drawing paper, or cartridge paper, or a drawing paper book. We advise students to use cartridge paper to begin with, and to have it cut into sheets, which should be numbered at the upper right-hand corner, and when finished deposited in a box or strong portfolio. To cut your Pencil properly. - As you cannot draw until your pencils are cut, we must request you to cut them, not like b in fig. 1, which is hacked; but cut it to a point, like a, fig 1. In cutting it properly you must not remove too much of the wood/but only sufficient to expose a small part of the lead; if too much of the lead is exposed it will break.

Position during drawing. - It is of great importance that the student should sit to draw in a proper position. Do not have a low table, which obliges you to poke your nose almost upon the paper, and press your chest against the edge of the drawing desk; but sit in an easy, upright position, with your feet straight before you, the left hand resting upon the edge of your paper so as to keep it steady ; the copy before you and nearly upright, and the sheet of paper upon which you are to draw slightly elevated.

The proper position to hold your pencil should be that the ends of the fingers are about an inch and a half from the point; and the pencil should not be held too tight, the elbow being kept well in towards the side, but not too stiff; by this means you will have perfect freedom of the hand, and complete command of the pencil.