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We now proceed to lay the foundation of the flower. Before doing so take note of the stiff appearance of the natural stalk, and the way in which the flower carries its head. To secure this appearance, a strong piece of wire should be chosen, and should be doubled and tied so as to make a flat ring at the top and a stiff stalk. [The diagram, in which the twining of the wire is represented Loosely, will explain this.] Scraps of wax are then to be pressed about the wire, so as to imitate the general outline of the basement of the flower. To make everything intelligible, we have added a sketch of this stage of the proceeding. A piece of thick yellow wax should be cut out the size of the top of the disk, and marked so as to resemble the eye of the flower. This is done very carelessly by most artists in wax and composite flowers; as ordinarily made, they never look well, as the centre is composed of shreds of wax cut finely with scissors. We can recommend the following . - Apply the yellow wax to the basement so as to make a good round top and then, with a wet tinting brush (before de scribed) which has been slightly damped with gum water, "bad"' the wax regularly all over till it assumes the appearance of fine hairs. The blue petals may then be applied by pressing them gently against the underside of the receptacle, being attentive in giving each petal a fellow on the opposite side, and placing the second row alternate with the first.

This having been done, twenty-four bracts made of dark-green wax must be laid on regularly below or against the petals. They must be cut out of four sizes of six ; the largest being about an inch, the shortest a quarter of an inch in length. The 6talk being covered with green wax must be made angular, and dusted with, scrapings from any light-coloured woollen substance. This will give the hairy appearance. If these directions are followed carefully, it will be found that the composite flowers are to be imitated in wax more completely than many blossoms which have the reputation of being made with less difficulty.

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When making wax-flowers choose a warm situation as your seat. If the hands are too hot, and the wax is thereby rendered too flaccid, wash in tepid water. The hands are oftener too cold ; in which case, washing in hot water, and a seat near the fire, are recommended. Never be in a hurry, or you will spoil your flower. Be careful in cutting the petals, etc., correctly : young artists in wax are apt to be incorrect in cutting the petals, and their flowers are, in consequence, unsymmetrical. After having dissected and imitated a flower, preserve patterns and sketches of its different parts; so that when the season for the plant has passed, other copies of it may be made. Always hold the flower in the left hand, and apply fresh pieces with the right. Any oil, grease, or water, will prevent the proper adhesion of the lamina; of wax to each other.