When the hair falls off from diminished action of the scalp, preparations of cantharides often prove useful; they are sold under the names of Dupuy-tren's Pomade, Cazenaze's Pomade, etc. The following directions are as good as any of the more complicated recipes: -

148. Pomade Against Baldness

Beef marrow, soaked in several waters,melted and strained, half a pound; tincture of cantharides (made by soaking for a week one drachm of powdered cantharides in one ounce of proof spirit), one ounce; oil of bergamot, twelve drops.

149. Erasmus Wilson's Lotion Against Baldness

Eaude Cologne, two ounces; tincture of cantharides, two drachms;oil of lavender or rosemary, of each ten drops. These applications must be used once or twice a day for a considerable time; but if the scalp become sore, they must be discontinued for a time, or used at longer intervals.

150. Bandoline or Fixature -Several preparations are used;the following are the best: -

No. 1. - Mucilage of clean picked Irish moss, made by boiling a quarter of an ounce of the moss in one quart of water until sufficiently thick, rectified spirit in the proportion of a teaspoon-ful to each bottle, to prevent its being mildewed. The quantity of spirit varies according to the time it requires to be kept.

No. 2. - GumTragacanth, one drachm and a half; water, half a pint; proof spirit (made by mixing equal parts of rectified spirit and water), three ounces; otto of roses, ten drops; soak for twenty-four hours and strain.