One-half to 1 ounce liquid extract of beef, 1 egg, salt and pepper to season, hot water to fill an 8-ounee mug. Stir the extract, egg, and seasoning together with a spoon, to get well mixed, add the water, stirring briskly meanwhile; then strain, and serve. Or shake the egg and extract in a shaker, add the water, and mix by pouring back and forth several times, from shaker to mug.


Hot Egg Chocolate.—One to 1.5 ounces chocolate syrup, 1 egg, 0.5 ounce cream, hot water sufficient to fill an 8-ounce mug.

Mix the syrup, egg, and cream together in an egg-shaker; shake as in making cold drinks; add the hot water, and mix all by pouring back and forth several times, from shaker to mug. Or, prepare by beating the egg with a spoon, add the syrup and cream, mix all quickly with the spoon, and add hot water, stirring constantly, and strain.


Hot Egg Coffee.—One egg, 1 dessertspoonful extract of coffee, 1 tea-spoonful sweet cream, 1 ounce syrup. Shake well, strain, and add 1 cupful hot water and top with whipped cream.


Hot Egg Lemonade.—One egg, juice of 1 lemon, 3 teaspoonfuls powdered sugar. Beat the egg with lemon juice and sugar thoroughly. Mix while adding the water. Serve grated nutmeg and cinnamon. The amount of lemon juice and sugar may be varied to suit different tastes.


Hot Egg Milk.—Two teaspoonfuls sugar, 1 ounce cream, 1 egg, hot milk to fill an 8-ounce mug. Prepare as in hot egg chocolate, top with whipped cream, and sprinkle with nutmeg. If there are no facilities for keeping hot milk, use about 2 ounces of cream, and fill mug with hot water.


Hot Egg Nogg.—Plain syrup, | ounce; brandy, 0.5 ounce; Angostura bitters, 3 drops; 1 egg. Put in shaker and beat well. Strain in 10-ounce mug, and fill with hot milk; finish with whipped cream and nutmeg.


Hot Egg Phosphate. —Two ounces lemon syrup, 1 egg, 0.5 ounce solution of acid phosphate. Mix in a glass, and shake together thoroughly; pour into another glass, heated previously, and slowly draw full of hot water; season with nutmeg.


Hot Egg Phosphate.—Break fresh egg into shaker and add 0.5 ounce pineapple syrup, 0.5 ounce orange syrup, 1 dash phosphate. Shake, without ice, and pour into bouillon cup. Draw cupful of hot water, sprinkle a touch of cinnamon, and serve with wafers.