Grape juice, unfermented, 1 quart; port wine (California), 0.5 pint; lemon syrup, 12 ounces; pineapple syrup, 2 ounces; orange syrup, 4 ounces; Benedictine cordial, 4 ounces; sugar, 1 pound.

Dissolve sugar in grape juice and put in wine; add the syrup and cordial; serve from a punch bowl, with ladle, into 12-ounce narrow lemonade glass and fill with solid stream; garnish with slice of orange and pineapple, and serve with straw.

Orange Frappé

Glass half full of fine ice; tablespoonful powdered sugar; 0.5 ounce orange syrup; 2 dashes lemon syrup; dash prepared raspberry; 0.25 ounce acid-phosphate solution. Fill with soda and stir well; strain into a mineral glass and serve.

Hot Lemonades


Lemon essence.. 4 fluidrachms Solution of citric acid........ 1 fluidounce

Syrup, enough to make....... 32 fiuictounces

In serving, draw 21 fluidounces of the syrup into an 8-ounce mug, fill with hot water, and serve with a spoon.


Lemon......... 1

Alcohol........ 1 fluidounce

Solution of citric acid ........ 2 fluidrachms

Sugar......... 20 av. ounces

Water......... 20 fluidounces

White of....... 1 egg

Grate the peel of the lemon, macerate with the alcohol for a day; express; also express the lemon, mix the two, add the sugar and water, dissolve by agitation, and add the solution of citric acid and the white of egg, the latter first beaten to a froth. Serve like the preceding.