Rosin Soap as an Emulsifier

The soap should be made by boiling gently for 2 hours, in an evaporating dish, a mixture of 1,800 grains rosin and 300 caustic soda with 20 fluidounces water. Upon cooling, the soap separates as a yellow mass, which is drained from the liquid, squeezed, then heated on a water bath until it is dry and friable. Fixed oils may be emulsified by adding 1 ounce to a solution of 10 grains soap in 1 ounce water. Volatile oils require 10 grains rosin soap, 2.75 ounces water, and 2 drachms oil. Creosote requires double this amount of soap. Thymol may be rendered miscible with water by dissolving 18 grains together with 20 grains soap in 3 fluidounces alcohol, then adding enough water to make 6 fluidounces. Of course many other substances may be emulsified with the same emulsifier.

Yolk of Egg as an Emulsifier

The domestic ointment of Unona, consisting of a mixture of oil and yolk of egg, is miscible in all proportions with water. It is proposed to utilize this fact by substituting a diluted ointment for the gum emulsions in general use, the following being given as a general formula:

Yolk of egg......         10 parts

Balsam Peru.....1 to 2 parts

Zinc oxide.......5 to 10 parts

Distilled water.. .. 100 parts

If desired, 33 parts of vinegar may be substituted for the same amount of water, while oil of cade, oil of birch, lianthral or storax may be substituted for the balsam Peru, and an equal quantity of talc, magnesium carbonate, sulphur of bismuth subcarbonate, may be introduced in place of the oxide of zinc. A further variation in the character of the liquid may be introduced by the use of medicated or perfumed waters instead of the plain distilled water. Where so diluted, as in the above formula, the yolk of egg separates out after long standing, but the mixture quickly reŽmulsifies upon shaking. Tar and balsams can be emulsified by mixing with double their quantity of yolk of egg, then diluting by the addition of small quantities of water or milk.


This emulsifying agent has the following composition: Gluten, 5; gum acacia, 5; gum tragacanth, 20; glycerine, 20; water, 50; alcohol, 10. This mixture forms a clear grayish jelly.


See Petroleum.