Cover with a solution of Epsom salts in stale beer; apply with a sponge to the mirror, first wiping it clean and dry. On drying, the Epsom salt crystallizes, giving very handsome frosted effects, but the solution must not be applied on humid days when the glass is liable to be damp, for in that case the effect will be a blurred one. When it is desirable to remove the coating, lukewarm water will serve the purpose without damage to the luster of the mirror.


The following mixture, when applied to a mirror and left to dry, will form in many shapes, all radiating from a focus, this focus forming anywhere on the glass, and when all dry tends to form a most pleasing object to the eye.

Sour ale............ 4 ounces

Magnesium sulphate. 1 ounce

Put on the mirror with a small, clean sponge and let dry. It is now ready for the artist, and he may choose his own colors and subject.