I.—Panes may be rendered mat and non-transparent by painting them on one side with a liquid prepared by grinding whiting with potash water-glass solution. After one or two applications, the panes are perfectly opaque, while admitting the light.


Paint the panes with a solution of

Dextrin............ 200 parts

Zinc vitriol.......... 800 by

Bitter salt........... 300 weight

In water............ 2,000


For deadening panes already set in frames the following is suitable: Dissolve 1 part of wax in 10 parts of oil of turpentine, adding 1 part of varnish and 1 part of siccative. With this mixture coat the panes on the outside and dab, while still wet, with a pad of cotton wadding. If desired small quantities of Paris blue, madder lake, etc., may be added to the wax solution.


For deadening window panes in factories and workshops: To beeswax dissolved in oil of turpentine, add some dryer and varnish to obtain a quicker drying and hardening. After the window pane has been coated with this mixture on the outside, it is dabbed uniformly with a pad of wadding. The wax may be tinted with glazing colors.