Alum............. 10 ounces

Sodium carbonate .. 10 ounces Ammonium chloride 2 ounces

Zinc chloride....... 1 ounce

Sodium chloride. ... 2 ounces Hydrochloric acid, quantity sufficient. Water to make 1 gallon. Dissolve the alum in one half gallon of boiling water, and add the sodium carbonate; then add hydrochloric acid until the precipitate formed is dissolved. Dissolve the other salt in water and add to the previous solution. Finally add enough water to make the whole measure 1 gallon, and filter.

In use, this is diluted with 7 parts of water.


For the Sick Room.—In using this ventilate frequently: Guaiac, 10 parts; eucalyptol, 8 parts; phenol, 6 parts; menthol, 4 parts; thymol, 2 parts; oil of cloves, 1 part; alcohol of 90 per cent, 170 parts.

Atomizer Liquid for Sick Rooms


Eucalyptol......... 10

Thyme oil......... 5 Parts

Lemon oil......... 5 V by

Lavender oil....... 5 weight.

Spirit, 90 per cent.. . 110 To a pint of water a teaspoonful for evaporation.

Non-Poisonous Sheep Dips

Paste.— I.—Creosote (containing 15 per cent to 20 per cent of carbolic acid)....... 2 parts

Stearine or Yorkshire

grease........... 1 part

Caustic soda lyes, specific gravity,

1340. ........... 1 part

Black rosin, 5 per cent to 10 per cent. Melt the rosin and add grease and soda lyes, and then add creosote cold.


Creosote........... 1 part

Crude hard rosin oil 1 part Put rosin oil in copper and heat to

about 220° F., and add as much caustic soda powder, 98 per cent strength, as the oil will take up. The quantity depends upon the amount of acetic acid in the oil. If too much soda is added it will remain at the bottom. When the rosin oil has taken up the soda add creosote, and let it stand.