Coating Against the Plant Louse

(a)—Mix 75 parts of green soap, 50 parts of linseed oil, and 25 parts of carbolic acid. Afterwards mix the mass with 15,000 parts of water.

(b) Mix 4 parts of carbolic acid with 100 parts water glass.

Louse Washes

Unslaked lime....... 18 parts

Sulphur............ 9 parts

Salt................ 6.75 parts

Mix as follows: A fourth part of the lime is slaked and boiled for 2/3 of an hour with the sulphur in 22.6 parts of water. The remainder of the lime is then slaked and added with the salt to the hot mixture. The whole is burned for another half hour or an hour, and then diluted to 353 parts. The fluid is applied lukewarm when the plants are not in active growth.

For Slugs on Roses

Powdered pyrethrum.    8 ounces

Powdered colocynth..     4 ounces

Powdered hellebore ..   16 ounces

Flea Powder

Naphthalene.......     4 ounces

Talcum............   10 ounces

Tobacco dust........     2 ounces

To Keep Flaxseed Free from Bugs

As a container use a tin can with a close-fitting top. At the bottom of the can place a small vial of chloroform with a loose-fitting cork stopper. Then pour the flaxseed, whole or ground, into the can, covering the vial. Enough of the chloroform will escape from the vial to kill such insects as infest the flaxseed.