Bay rum, or more properly bay spirit, may be made from the oil with weak alcohol as here directed:


Oil of bay leaves....     3 drachms

Oil of orange peel... 1/2 drachm

Tincture of orange peel.............     2 ounces

Magnesium carbonate ............. 1/2 ounce

Alcohol...........     4 pints

Water.............     4 pints

Triturate the oils with the magnesium carbonate, gradually adding the other ingredients previously mixed, and filter.

The tincture of orange peel is used chiefly as a coloring for the mixture.

Oil of bay leaves as found in the market varies in quality. The most costly will presumably be found the best, and its use will not make the product expensive. It can be made from the best oil and deodorized alcohol and still sold at a moderate price with a good profit.

Especial care should be taken to use only perfectly fresh oil of orange peel. As is well known, this oil deteriorates rapidly on exposure to the air, acquiring an odor similar to that of turpentine. The oil should be kept in bottles of such size that when opened the contents can be all used in a short time.


Bay oil, 15 parts; sweet orange oil, 1 part; pimento oil, 1 part; spirit of wine, 1,000 parts; water, 750 parts; soap spirit or quillaia bark, ad libitum.


Bay oil, 12.5 parts; sweet orange oil, 0.5 part; pimento oil, 0.5 part; spirit of wine, 200 parts; water, 2,800 parts; Jamaica rum essence, 75 parts; soap powder, 20 parts; quillaia extract, 5 parts; borax, 10 parts; use sugar color.