In making an artificial mineral water it must be remembered that it is seldom possible to reproduce the water by merely combining its chemical components. In other words, the analysis of the water cannot serve as a basis from which to prepare it, because even though all of the components were put together, many would be found insoluble, and others would form new chemical combinations, so that the result would differ widely from the mineral water imitated.

For example, carbonate of magnesia and carbonate of lime, which are important ingredients in most mineral waters, will not make a clear solution unless freshly precipitated. Hence, when these are to be reproduced in a mineral water it is customary to employ other substances which will dissolve at once, and which will, upon combining, produce these salts. The order in which the salts are added is also a very important matter, for by dissolving the salts separately and then carefully combining them, solutions may be effected which would be impossible were all the salts added together to the water in the portable fountain.

In this connection the following table will be found useful:

Group 4

Magnesium su1phate.

Alum (potassa or soda alum).

Group 1

Ammonium carbonate

Sodium carbonate.

Sodium chloride.

Ammonium chloride.

Sodium fluoride.

Sodium borate (bo-

Sodium iodide.


Sodium nitrate.

Potassium carbon-

Sodium phosphate.


Sodium pyrophos-

Potassium chloride.


Potassium nitrate.

Sodium silicate.

Potassium sulphate.

Sodium sulphate.

Sodium bromide.


Group 2



Group 3 Aluminum chloride. Magnesium chloBarium chloride.             ride.

Calcium bromide. Magnesium nitrate. Calcium chloride. Strontium chloride. Calcium nitrate.          Lithium chloride.

Group 5

Lime carbonate.          Lime sulphate pre-

Magnesium carbon          cipitate.

ate hydrate.

Group 6 Lithium carbonate. Iron pyrophosphate. Acid hydrochloric. Iron sulphate. Acid sulphuric.           Manganese chloride.

Iron chloride.              Manganese sulphate.

Group 7 Sodium arseniate, or sodium sulphide, or acid hydrosulphuric.