[L.] An animal of the Lizard tribe which has the power of changing its color at will. In a dark place it is white or grayish, but when light is admitted its color changes to red, green, or brown, in accordance with the color of its location. It lives in trees, and has a very extensible tongue, covered with a sticky secretion, by which it can seize insects and draw them into its mouth.

Chatn'ois.. [Fr.] An animal of the Antelope family which is found in the Alps at a height of more than 8,000 feet above the sea-level. It is like the goat in its looks and habits. Its horns are peculiar, rising straight from the crest of the head for some inches and curving backward suddenly so as to form a pair of sharp hooks. Its hind-legs are longer than its fore legs, so that in descending mountains its hind feet catch rough places and its fore feet are set close together and pushed forward. It is acute in scenting man at a distance, and footprints in the snow will alarm the wary animal. The chamois live in herds, and when grazing they post one of their number to give the alarm ; but if danger comes, they see it so quickly that often they make off before the signal is given. The skin of the chamois is much valued for making chamois leather, which combines softness with tenacity. " Chamois leather," or wash-leather, is now made from the flesh side of sheep skins.