Adulteration is the corruption, or debasement by an improper mixture, of any substance that was originally in a pure state. This art, though not unknown to the ancients, has in modern times been carried to a great extent; insomuch that we are sorry to observe, the rules and principles upon which so pernicious a practice is founded, are considered as qualifications essential to those persons who supply others as well with the common necessaries, as the luxuries, of life. We are, indeed, provided with excellent laws against adulterations; but crafty and avaricious dealers take frequent opportunities, either of eluding the vigilance and severity of justice, or of concealing their nefarious practices in so skilful a manner, as to render their detection extremely difficult, and sometimes impossible. We shall, therefore, consider it as our duty to point out those articles which are most liable to this species of fraud. They may be found under the different heads of Beer, Bread, Coffee, Hair-Powder, Honey, Oil, Snuff, Spirits, Tea, Tobacco, Vine-GAr, Was, Wine, etc. etc.