Beech-Nut or, as it is more generally called, Beech-Mast, is the seed or fruit of the beech-tree, and is recommended for feeding and fattening hogs. These animals may be secured from the gargut, by moistening some pease or beans with water, sprinkling them with powdered antimony, and repeating this medicine every other day, for a fortnight. The same precaution should be used when hogs are ted upon acorns. In Heruordshire, where beech trees grow spontaneously, swine are kept upon the mast only, and turned out about the middle of October, or some-times sooner. On this food they thrive very fast, and generaily afford fine meat. when a hog is intended to be killed for pickling, it should be previously taken home for a month, or five weeks, and fed with pollard, barley meal, or pease. It has, however, been remarked, that the flesh of swine fed upon beech-mast, is of too soft a nature, and easily boils away.

When these huts are eaten by the human species, they occasion giddiness and head-ach 5 but after being well dried and ground, have been found to make whole-some bread : they have also been sionnlly been roasted, and used as a Substitute for col