Crout, SouR CroutE, or KROUTE, a preparation of cabbage, originally invented by the Germans, who write it, Sauer Kraut. For this purpose, the soundest and most solid cabbages are selected, cut very small, put into a barrel in layers, about a band high, over each of which is strewed a handful of salt and caraway seeds : in this manner, the layers are closely rammed down, one upon another, till the barrel is full, when a loose coyer is put over it, and pressed down with a heavy weight. After standing for some time, the mass begins to ferment; and as soon as it subsides, the head is fitted into the barrel, which is then finally closed, and its contents preserved for use. After being once opened, the kraut must be carefully compressed with a loose cover, and fresh salt and water every time substituted for that which is become foul, floats on the top, and should be removed. As this preparation has been found of considerable efficacy as an antiscorbutic, in long sea-voyages, particularly those round the world, performed by the late Captain Cook, it deserves to be more ge-nerally known in this country : and though its flavour is far from being agreeable to those who taste it for the first time, yet we are convinced from experience, that it will soon be relished, even by delicate ladies, whose reason is superior to prejudice or custom. In so damp a climate as that of Britain, we could not recommend a more antiseptic and wholesome dish, especially if it be managed with care and strict attention to cleanliness.