Dittany, the White, or Dictamnus Fraxinel/a, L. an exotic perennial plant, growing in France, Germany, and Italy. Its thick pungent and bitter root, produces annually erect stalks, which bear loose spikes of white, red, and purple flowers, in June and July.

This plant may be easily propagated in gardens, either by seeds, or by dividing the roots ; it is emi-nently calculated for ornamenting borders. In smell and taste, the leaves of the dittany resemble lemon-thyme, but possess a stronger aromatic flavour, as well as a greater degree of pungency: when fresh, they yield, on expression, a considerable quantity of an excellent essential oil. The flower-cups exude a very pure and fragrant resin, which, if taken internally, is, according to Bechstein, productive of diuretic effects. As these flowers exhale a considerable proportion of inflammable air, they ought not, in any large quantities, to be kept in dwelling rooms.