Elephant, a well known animal, which is a native of India, and the southern parts of Africa. It is the largest of all quadrupeds, and generally about l6 feet in length from the front to the tail; 25 feet from the,end of the trunk, and about 14 feet high. It has no fore-teeth in either jaw; .but its dog-teeth are very long, and afford the beautiful ivory, which is converted into combs and other useful articles. It is also provided with a Ions; pliable proboseis, o- snout, with which it can seize any objects, and also convey its liquid nutriment to the mouth.

Elephants are remarkable for their unco union sagacity, as well as their social disposition. When tamed, they are the most friendly of all animals, and can easily distinguish their master's or driver's voice. They are sensible of the language of anger, of command, and of satisfaction, so that they act accordingly. They receive orders with attention, and ex cute them with precision and alacrity, bowing themselves for the convenience of those who wish to mount them; raising burthens with their trunk; and laying them on their back. These animals delight in shining harness and trappings ; tough, when yoked in a cart or waggon, they draw cheerfully, unless abused by unjust chastisement, in which case they seldom fail to take vengeance on their tyrannical master.

If the elephant be properly ma-naged, he attains a very considerable age; even though employed in servitude and labour. Several instances have occurred, in which these creatures have reached the age of 130 years in captivity ; and, in a natural state, they often exceed 200 years : their full growth is said to require not less than 30 years. - The flesh, gall, skin, and bones of elephants, are used medi-cinally by the Chinese. - See also Ivory. . Elixir: See Tincture.