Falcon/ a formidable bird of prey, of which there are two species, namely:

1. The Jer-FalcoN, Falco Gyr-falco, L. which is but seldom found in Scotland and the Orkneys: next to the eagle, it is the most intrepid and voracious of the feathered tribe, and likewise the most valuable species for the purposes of falconry. The stork, the heron, and the crane, fall easy victims to its bold attacks; and it kills hares, by darting upon them in a direct line. - It is remarkable that in this, as in all other birds of prey, the females are much larger and stronger than the males, which last are employed in falconry to catch only the smaller birds, such as the crow, the heron, and the kite.

2. The GENTIL-FALCON, which is less ferocious, and also rarely met with in Britain.