Flax Toad, the Common Yellow, or Antirrhinum Liuaria, L. an indigenous perennial plant, which grows in barren meadows, pastures, and road sides, and is in flower from July to September.

Cows, horses, and swine, refuse this noxious and, according to Bechstein, poisonous weed; nor is it relished by sheep and goats. - An infusion of the leaves, however, has been used as a diuretic, and purgative; a decoction of the flowers is-said to be very efficacious in cutaneous disorders. An ointment prepared from the leaves, is reputed to afford considerable relief in that painful malady, the piles. - In dyeing, Suckow and Dambourney remark, that the fresh herb, while in blossom, Imparted an olive colour to woollen cloth and silk. Bohmer thus obtained only a weak yellow liquor, of a greenish shade.