Garter, a ligature employed for fastening or tying up stockings.

Though the use of garters be sanctioned by custom and fashion, it is by no means to be recommended, either above or below the knee; for the parts compressed acquire an unnatural hardness; and every exertion, either in walking or riding, is attended with increased fatigue. Dropsies of the legs and thighs also frequently arise from this unsuspected cause; - hence, likewise, many persons stumble, fall, and dislocate, or otherwise materially injure the knee-pan. Such are the inconveniencies attendant on the use of garters : they might, however, be easily prevented, by simply fastening the stockings to the waste-band, by means of tape. - Trifling as this alteration may probably appear, it is of real importance to all, especially to those who are troubled with swelled or ulcerated legs, as well as to invalids and valetudinarians in general: for we are fully persuaded, that by the adoption of the expedient before suggested, many unfortunate accidents may be easily obviated.