Gum-Boil, Parulis, is an a fection of the gums, commencing with inflammation, and generally terminating in an abscess.

Gum-boils usually arise from violent pains in the teeth. They are to be treated with discutients, like other inflammatory tumors ; but, if these fail, or the disorder be ne-glected, it is apt to produce a fistula. A gargle prepared of an infusion of sage, chamomile, and elder-flowers boiled in milk and water, may with advantage be fre-quently held in the mouth, and the remaining herbs sewed up in a bag, and applied to the cheek; or, a half-roasted fig held within the mouth to the part affected, sometimes affords great relief. When the softness of the tumor evinces that the matter is properly suppurated, it should without delay be opened by the lancet, to prevent the matter from lodging there, eroding the bone, and causing a fistula, or caries. After this operation is performed, the matter should be gently pressed out with the ringers, and the mouth frequently washed with lukewarm Port-wine and water.

But, when the ulcer has penetrated to a considerable depth, it will be necessary to inject the last-mentioned mixture with a syringe, and compress the part affected by a proper external bandage. If the affection assume a fistulous appearance, and have callous edges, it may even then be cured, by inject-ing the compound tincture of aloes, and continuing it for some time. Should, however, all these remedies prove ineffectual, the fistula must be laid open by incision, and the caries removed by medicines, caustics, or the a6fual cautery.