Hoof-Hurt, an injury incident to working cattle, especially to oxen, which are sometimes wounded by a coulter or share of a plough in any part of the clees. It may be cured by a salve, consisting of pitch and lard mixed with powdered sulphur, and melted to- gether : this preparation is applied to the sore hoof, or clee, by means of a hot iron ; and it may likewise be rubbed over parts hurt by splinters of wood, as it is said to draw them out.

If, however, the injury be deep within the flesh, in consequence of striking the foot against some sharp stone, or other pointed body, in such case the wound should be opened; seared with a hot iron ; bathed every morning and evening for three days with warm vinegar ; and wrapped in a buskin made of broom.

When the wounded part has been so far neglected that worms are breeding in the sore, bruise and mix together some hore-hound, leeks, and salt, which ingredients should be spread on the toot, and covered with a plaster of tow, composed of pitch, oil, and rancid laid, in order to keep off flies and vermin.