Hoof-Casting, a misfortune that sometimes befals a horse, when the horny substance entirely separates from his foot, in consequence of his foundering or slip-ping, which breaks it on the top round the coronet, so that it at length drops off. We are not experimentally acquainted with any remedy that is likely to cure this malady ; and therefore communicate the following recipe from Mr. Bradley's Family Dictionary, in which it is confidently asserted that this application "will undoubtedly bring on a new hoof:" - Take the strongest aqua-fortis; and, after having filed or otherwise taken away the old hoof somewhat near, touch the part so prepared with the liquor ; three or four dressings being quite sufficient. Then anoint the foot with a salve made of hog's-lard, three pounds; patch grease

(perhaps oil-cake), two; Venice-turpentine, one pound ; new wax and salad-oil, half a pound each : mix and melt all these ingredients over a moderate fire, and anoint the coffin of the foot up to the top of the heel.