Kennel, or Channel, generally signifies a small cavity or hollow for conducting water through the streets; but, in its present sense, it is peculiarly applied to denote a house or building for the reception of a pack of hounds.

A kennel ought to be situated on an eminence, in a dry situation, and in the vicinity of a brook or running stream. The strictest cleanliness is necessary, both for promoting the health of hounds, and also to preserve their sense sufficientlyacute : for this purpose, kennels should be well aired, and strewed with fresh straw, to prevent the mange, or other infectious distemper. Mr. Beckford recommends these buildings to be erected in the vicinity of the mansion ; and, on their first establishment, to construct them of the requisite capacity; because every subsequent addition impairs their external appearance.- Those readers who wish to acquire farther information on the management of the kennel, will meet with amusement in Mr. B.'s Thoughts on Hunting; of which, we understand, a new edition will shortly appear.