Lupine, or Lupinus, L. a genus of exotic plants comprising nine species, most of which are cultivated in gardens, on account of their beautiful flowers : they are raised from seed, which may be sown in any open borders, where they thrive, and present a pleasing variety.

The seeds of the "White Lupine ('Lupinus alius) have a le-guminous, though disagreeably bitter taste, and are said to be vermifuge; both when taken internally, and applied externally. Some authors, however, suppose them to be of a poisonous nature ; yet such seeds were much used by the Greeks as an article of food, and have been recommended by Ga-ien as affording wholesome ali-rnent.—In the Transactions of the Patriotic Society' of Milan (vol. ii. p. 243, Ital. edit.) there is an account of the manner in which this •plant may be converted into cord-age or ropes, and likewise into paper.—Bechstein says, that its 'flowers furnish the bees with abundance of honey.