Masterwort, the Common, or Imperatoria Ostruthium, L. is an indigenous, perennial plant growing in damp meadows, and flowering in the month of June. It is cultivated in gardens, on account of its medicinal properties, and may be propagated either by sowing its seed, or by parting the roots in autumn.

Masterwort produces a warm and aromatic root, which has been recommended in the dropsy; as well as in debility of the stomach and bowels. An infusion of it in wine is said to have cured quartan agues, after the bark had failed.-When chewed, it produces a copious flow of saliva, excites a heating but agreeable sensation in the gums ; and frequently affords relief in the rheumatic tooth-ach.— Hoffman asserts, that the roots of this vegetable are of great efficacy in flatulencies, and the painful colics thence arising: when dried and pulverized, they have sometimes afforded relief in asthmatic cases, and disorders of the head.—Boiled in a recent state with lard, they form an ointment, that is reputed to be of considerable efficacy in removing ring-worms.—According to Bautsch, it has also been advantageously employed in tanning.