Nux Vomica, a fiat, compressed, round fruit, about an inch in diameter, of a greyish-brown colour, of a horny consistence ; and the surface of which is somewhat wrinkled. It is the produce of a tree growing in the East Indies; possesses a bitter taste ; and has been found a certain poison for dogs, cats, fish, etc. Nevertheless, this highly deleterious fruit has lately been employed on the

Continent, as a medicine of great efficacy, in spasmodic affections of the bowels, especially in the contagious dysentery, as well as in obstinate quartan agues, etc. But, as its administration can be directed only by professional men, we forbear to mention the proper doses, and shall only observe, that the London brewers have fre quently been suspected of adul terating their ale and porter with this narcotic drug, in order to render them more intoxicating; though such charge has, to our knowledge, never been proved in a court of justice.