Orpiment, a bituminous mineral, consisting of arsenic and sulphur, often found native in the earth, though it may also be artifi-cially prepared.

This ore has also lately been discovered in the county of Cornwall, whence a specimen was sent to Dr. Hill, under the name of red mundic. It is both red and yellow; and, when refined by distillation, forms the colour known by the name of Kings Yellow.

Orpiment has, by some, been supposed to be harmless, on account of the large proportion of sulphur which it contains; but, according to Macquer, it is productive of the. most fatal consequences, and ought not to be used without the greatest caution. Instances having occurred of its noxious properties, it may be ascertained by the following symptoms, whether any person has actually swallowed this drug: Shuddering,anxiety, tremor, violent nausea, and vomiting ; an ardent sensation in the throat; fever; thirst; suppression of urine ; cos-tivetiess ; gnawing pain in the intestines ; the face swells; while torpor and stupefaction close the cene.

Remedies : As soon as it is obvious that orpiment has been swallowed, the patient (if he be an adult) should drink a tea-cupful of a lukewarm solution of soap in pure water; or, with equal effect, strong solutions of honey; and repeat these draughts according to circumstances. If the former has been used, it will be advisable to take a piece of sugar in the mouth, to overpower its very disgusting taste. Considerable benefit has, likewise, been derived from immediate emetics, or vomiting, excited by stimulating the throat with a feather. At the same time, it will be neces-sary to apply to the abdomen, cloths dipped in a solution of soap in soft water, with a view to alleviate the pains in the intestines.- Clysters of milk and oil, and tepid bathing in diluted soap-water, have also been found very serviceable, In restoring the patient to some degree of animation.